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Release History

Detailed ChangeLog of each version can be found in the JIRA link.

0.5.0 2018-03-05 The first Apache release. There are tremendous changes since v0.4.2-rc.2 which is the last release before entering Apache Incubator. (ChangeLog) 9610fdd signs
jars DDL
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Past releases of Apache Hivemall can be found in this page.

Release plan

Here is the release plan of Apache Hivemall. Date of release subject to change though.

Version Date Description
0.5.2 2018-05-xx • Merge Brickhouse UDFs
• Support Field-aware Factorization Machines
• Support Word2Vec
0.6 2018-08-xx • Make experimental xgboost support official
• Support Multi-nominal Logistic Regression
and more
0.7 2018-11-xx • Prediction server with REST APIs